The body is a home for the soul. Clean your body, clean your mind, clean your spirit

Let’s be honest. Your body is a home for the soul. The last time I checked, the humans were taking the trash out of their homes, not vice versa. Consuming drugs (and by drugs I refer to alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, unhealthy sweets and snacks) is like you are taking trash from the outside and bring it in your home. Or, people don’t do that. By renouncing consuming drugs, you basically take the trash out, to create a clean home where your soul and creativity can flourish.

I love my body and I am pro-body positivity. But some parts of my body need more love than others and I think that pro-body positivity should not be used as an excuse to have my health go down, and for obesity. Just because I love my body, it doesn’t mean that I let it degrade, like I used to in the past. Every home needs to be cleaned and fixed periodically and it is equally important to maintain the cleaning of my home.

If I take care of my home/body daily, as in I clean it and I fix it, it means that I create a habit and then the major cleaning and repairs are effortless than if I didn’t have a routine or are even obsolete.

A study showed that people are more prone to avoid pain than to chase pleasure. The reason many people don’t exercise is linked to the fact that people want to avoid the muscle pain and soreness. We like to spoil ourselves with a bag of chips and a bucket of ice cream while watching TV or Netflix (I am not suggesting that these are bad for you). We see exercise and diet as pain and not as a way to relax. Imagine how many things we could do if we just changed our perspective.

The same thing I try to do with my mind. I try to remove the negative and unimportant things and fill it up with things that are important for me, that spark joy. There is no place in your mind for racism and phobia. You are not created to hate other and you are not created o waste your time on social media to comment and get in fights with people you don't know, fights that are not beneficial. The world tries to bring us all down. The thing is that we are the world and we can heal it by healing ourselves.

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